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Adela Aldeia
The Vision of the Community: background info of short text version (Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal)

The Vision of the Community: background info of short text version (Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal)

Name giving:

Village means Aldeia in Portuguese and Adela is the name of a woman from our history – we owe today’s “Oera Linda manuscripts“ to her and that society.

And I am intent on seeing only the best of the ancestors revived. The sonorous name Adela Aldeia as a name at all (also as a Portuguese name not only English locality designation) comes to me, because I look at a part of our heritage, preserved by advice of the historical subject Adela so wide reaching at a crossroads of free society as well.

(The Fryas, formerly Ingwäonen/Ingewonen, who around 558 B.C. initiated the writing down of the primeval Frisian history for subsequent generations, including the 1st Cimbrian flood in 2192 B.C.)

Martin Luther King is said to have coined, „He who accepts evil without contradiction is in reality collaborating with it!“

However, in our time it is generally not so simple.

For what has been set up as predominantly still prevalent is the knowledge of something that is wrong, that is, the thinking of something wrong as if it were right.

Mis-knowledge, even more than misunderstanding.

The redeeming thing from this is wisdom, which, however, needs opportunity to unfold.

When people can feel good, can follow their passion, are aware of their capacity to love, action is fed from this, it will be easier to establish and automatically enliven a free loving united society.

Instead, almost all of us are still so strongly entangled in accepting and unwillingly cooperating with injustice simply through our ignorance and therein: the apparent dependencies on gainful employment for the black hole corporations or for those who follow their rules.

If we act against our soul’s desire, then it is out of being bound into these structures that have become totalitarian, which we maintain, which in turn maintain ignorance as well as delusion.

These structures – dependent on our strength – collapse when we will have pulled ourselves out.

We can pull ourselves out by creating alternative structures, first parallel, in which we can act according to our soul’s desire.

If we can do this, as the experiences of those who have done so show, we thrive and nature is not prevented from thriving either.

Parallel to the currently existing disastrous structures, we first create refuges that are the nuclei of new loving societies. Tapping into the existence of peaceful structures in the universe, while having our feet on the ground.

We work out amongst each other about the mis-knowledge and wisdom, states of consciousness, country life, health and more.

„As soon as an optimist sees a light that does not exist, a pessimist comes up to blow it out again“.

This phrase is said to have been coined by an Italian writer called Giovanni Guareschi, who lived in 1968.

At this time, it makes a more decisive difference what humanity’s future we can think, because what we think, wish, believe, hope and dare together is a cooperative force.

Freely following the wisdom that thoughts can become words, words can become deeds, deeds can become character attitudes, as is an old Buddhist advice therefore to pay attention:

If we were to be optimistic in a dumb way, with no inkling of the natural possibilities and the use of our will that can navigate along the lines of what brings joy, we would be like the optimist and the equally turned pessimist in the aphorism.

Only with awareness of the creative form power within us and secondly the kindness of heart to use this form power for the benefit of sentient beings, i.e. with benevolence that goes hand in hand with common sense, do we enter the realm of coalescing creative power/making power drive/agency and love.

Humanity contains all qualities of being, idiots who become motivated idiots and are a danger to the common good, some wise but with little drive, some in between, and all sorts more, and all together we collectively form the expression, the manifestaion of our existence, the future if you will.

Humanity contains all qualities of being, idiots who become motivated idiots and are a danger to the common good, some wise but with little drive, some in between, and all sorts more, and all together we comprise collectively the expression of our existence, the future if you will.

Those who are still attracted to the True Beautiful Good come together and, feeling that it is needed, form unions.

A light that exists, fed from a source that cannot be blown out.

I really want to predict, as in a manifesto, and that’s why I’m not just talking about forms of life, but directly taking the big word societies, that future societies will grow from the communities that sprout and sprout and sprout.

We are creating alternative designs, the societies of the past are too one-sided, nothing will come of it in the long run if humankind cuts itself off from its natural needs.

Now is the time for the great work of the reinventors, not even the pioneers.

The interim period was only imposed on us by the mechanical world view of those loyal to the regime.

One could say that from the perspective of the future, this time will be seen here as the in-between time, precisely the time between the forgotten and the rediscovered: and what that is: quite simply, humans not against nature, but in harmony, technology in its best form.


I was a guest in a community where senior citizens preferred to live instead of living in a retirement home.

They did simple work like setting the table, laundry, decorating etc. as an elected duty, the younger ones did the heavy work like keeping the fire place and kindling the fire, gardening, contruction etc.

They all had more free time than in a full-time job.

Two three projects over a period of time, worked out in two three committees each, are the usual occupation in comparison.


By the way, there are no cockroaches in the north of the country either, while there are in the south.

And the water, the water is the alpha and omega for my decision to go to the north instead of the south, where in some areas the government no longer approves boreholes for wells because the groundwater level has dropped too much.

My meeting place for people interested in becoming founding members is in the region, where I will found the community. There are primeval sites here that make the region seem significant, to which I was intuitively drawn. More on this later.


1) „The world is what you think it is“ as a HUNA principle.

One starting point to elaborate on this, is the perspective on climate/climate change topic and the so called mainstream in comparison with the perspective of other community projects.

Comparing two other community projects‘ positions on the topic, let me write that although I look at anthropogenic and extremely negative influence on the earth (plastic waste islands in the oceans, environmental pollution in general, etc.), I view the politically instrumentalised form of the climate change debate with caution. Because human freedom, freedom from oppression, these are high rights that are easier for the controlling elements to undermine under the guise of climate protection.

So, although there is undeniably bad man-made influence on nature, the climate as a whole, and CO2 as a subtopic mainly dragged into the spotlight, may be viewed in a more differentiated way.

I see this „Fridays for Future“ movement as part of social engineering.

Of course, it is a broad field and even more comprehensive than the subtopic CO2. For example, the methane issue and other environmental influences such as biodiversity and the question about the influence of the presence of our civilisation with its current technical imprint on the weather, then agro-culture and much more.

My community is a refuge of the social engineering, of a narrative that will soon no longer be mainstream anyway.

My community is very much in favour of environmental protection on coarse and fine material levels – even if CO2 neutrality is not the goal.

I see the creation of ideas and then the promotion of these ideas through the media and culture, thereby expanding the scope of existence and creating realities that are fed by this scope of existence rather than by factual reality, as one of the great atrocities, one of the impediments for the emerging humanity.

There are communities that really keep out of this kind of thing.

There are whole societies that really stay out of it.

Even if they have their own narratives, even those that I don’t like to follow.

But in the point that they keep themselves so free from indoctrination directed by mainstream culture, such communities and societies are a refuge.

And that’s what my glocal community, the whole network, is supposed to be.

So what matters here is that exactly those people come together who are looking in the same direction and have a fairly coherent understanding of life, the way we live and our own influence on our lives, as well as our influence from outside.


By the way, comparing two other community project positions on anthropogenic climate change is related to a Portuguese community slightly south of Coimbra and one north near the Spanish border. One ascribes more to the prevailing narrative, the other is critical of it, as is mine. What we all have in common is concern for our earth.

And the greater the scope of existence of the respective imagination, forms of ideas, the more they manifest themselves more or less or not at all according to the other cosmic laws.


In my view, it is not so much a great ignorance in the sense of ignoring, but more in the sense of misknowledge amongst the collective as well as being stirred away from being able to settle in and act from that knowledge that we are all harming the earth, so it is more the navigation of the oligarchs and their alliances that make societies follow their lead.

I feel that it is small communities like ours that are a way beyond, and that communities are both refuges of the present status quo and seedbeds for the future one.


The world – as the artificial structure in which most societies live – may be dying. The earth and humanity will prosper. We can call the doomed political structure „the world“. Real life takes place beyond this particular artificial structure, it is on earth. Spiritual communities with realistic ways of living in harmony with nature are more than escapists, more than pioneers, they are rediscoverers. I invite people who are very realistic, undogmatically spiritual, vegetarian, free of gene therapy and in search of a more or less self-sufficient way of life in harmony with nature; people who anticipate the return of suppressed high-tech energy sources; people who are neither optimistic nor pessimistic; I invite such people to join me in founding the community not only in northern Portugal, but also in other locations in the future.

For it goes without saying that there are very reliable spiritual community seekers who are invested enough to put their cooperation into a community project. – So ones who are in favour of a real community life with a real mature approach are welcome to get in touch with me.

And yes, people who have remained free by the new stuff certainly show a particular perseverance, courage, resilience, recognise their right to health, integrity and are less fearful.