Community North Portugal
Adela Aldeia


Regarding support: (also in German and Spanish)

How to help from a distance: first of all, in indication of possibilities. Those who like to support from a distance, before the opportunity to participate locally in the core community, that is also possible.

Visit the Telegram group and participate in a moderating role: do you like group processes and have the time and tact to moderate fruitful dialogues? We deliberately do not use Fb, but other social media platforms.

How to help on the spot at short notice: It should emerge during a trial trip, for example, whether and in what way someone would like to be a member of the community. This community will have a base and some branch communities.

Partners will be: other communities we cooperate with, farmers and manufactures, forest farmers and mills, beekeepers and artists, designers and writers, and many more.

Tools shipment: Anyone who has agricultural machinery, workshop tools or similar items that they would like to discard and pass on is welcome to send them. We will send you a shipping label, waybill and organise collection.

Patronage & Donations: Donations are possible via Patreon, donations of goods are possible via email agreement. Patronage comes with the foundation of the association. More information will follow.

Trial week: Trial week on site, during which interested people can experience the founding of the community, get to know the current projects, where expertise/contribution/voluntary work can also be made. With registration – free accommodation and lodging.