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Further Topics of the community

Further Topics of the community

I very much welcome permaculture practitioners; as mentioned before, I strive to take the best of the many approaches: Permaculture, Agnihotra/Aushada, Electroculture, Anthroposophical Cultivation, Ancient Knowledge of our Ancestors, Holistic view of all cultivation.

Deforestation in Portugal.

Forest fires

The masts.

Chronology falsification/falsification of history, potentially campaigned as a detachment from the ancestors and our power as well as our truth.

A person who stands in his truth has no warlike traits.

Fanning out the ancestral theme

Wars as the result of external programming by un-light forces

Emphasis on the confidence revealing.

The difference between reactivity and response ability.


Will to change

Experiencing oneself inclined, with all sentient beings and the ancestors, in the experience of gratitude, which lets one zoom out of everyday life.

In the community I want to offer also hang gliding for a similar effect, it is a relatively easy pilot’s licence and relatively affordable as a community to use such a motorised hang glider for tandem flights.

Then the beauty and also the vulnerability of the countryside immerses everything done on the ground in an almost enraptured view that is adjusted for me.

Implementing „plans“, „projects“, „undertakings“ as a concrete plan requires clarity, repeated external perception, repeated steps in action in defiance of all doubt, and inner peace as a preventive against fanaticism.

Myths as well as herbal medicine, then and the indicator plant and even phyto-remidation, etc.

Lucid dreaming, the enhancement of it is astral travel, which itself is a subject that goes beyond herbal medicine, and there are people who train this consciously, this can also be learned. Such things are topics for me.

So in the direction of agniculture – according to Michael Wüst, developed in Germany using the Vedic agnihotra, an alchemical fire ritual from Indian ancient times, as well as the unlocalisable electroculture – then in the direction of undogmatic permaculture and unfanatically organic as well as vegetarian/meat-free lifestyle, long term creating self-sufficiency; partly also including anthroposophical cultivation methods – here especially soil revitalisation – that’s how I imagine it, especially cultivating what is easy and productive like root vegetables, and what is expensive to buy, but grows easily like artichokes. ..

Through applied electroculture, which a good acquaintance named Peter Rettenmund knows from years of practice in Italy, the fascinating ether energy in the form of a more original harmonious magnetic field is to become more available to the cultivated plants; more available than in environments otherwise strongly altered by technically used waves in populated and partly unpopulated areas of the earth.

Electroculture, as you want to name it, further developed or newly found as agniculture, together with other measures it can be a kind of local balancing of interferences in the naturally more harmonious etheric field, that is how I understand it.

It works on a visible level with steel wires with magnets at the ends, laid in exact north-south alignment in the plant beds, also with selective Lakhovsky copper spiral placement, especially with trees, as well as letting the wire go along trellis fences and more. Creating a thriving magnetic field, which is assumed to have already existed by nature, whether in prehistoric times or 500, perhaps even 1000 years ago, can be concluded from fossils and also cultural-historical records.

—————————————————————————————————————-The time, namely the people, must also be mature to rediscover principles with mechanisms of action in applications, some of which were fortunately no longer known in Kali-yuga times, i.e. unconscious and low ether concentration times, that is my current position.

Also in frequency technology – a much too broadly chosen term – and unfortunately the (re)discovery of the effect of three frequencies superimposed in a certain multiple, there are great possibilities for misuse and therefore I prefer to remain silent for years about come to hear about such publications and I am decided to only comment on what is either already being openly misused in this time or what is harmless to in the one case warn about and in the other case spread the word.


The community demands some relatively fixed operating times according to the seasons:

Animals dictate certain time schedules, for example letting chickens out into the orchard in the morning, they return to the coop at sunset and we need to close the coop.

In community, especially with animals and plants, unpredictable time necessities arise, for which readiness for action is needed.

In the garden in general, there are time sequences, from sowing to harvesting, for example the olive harvest depends on the weather at the end of October, beginning of November.

The year begins with pruning trees and sowing, cutting vines, growing potatoes from March onwards, tomatoes afterwards…

Oranges and mandarins can also be harvested directly from January, mandarins till summer and Oranges till end of summer..

At the end of June and until the end of July there are the ripe plums, shortly after the pears, followed by the quinces, peaches and walnuts in August, then the kiwis and pomegranates in October.

Cabbage, lettuce, leek, broccoli, such things can still be harvested practically throughout the winter, lemons can stay over winter on the trees.

Heating with wood also requires timing, wood must be prepared for autumn, then heating in the evenings/at night from November onwards, in December and January practically around the clock, spring comes in northern Portugal at the beginning of February, although heating at night is still required until way into April.

Experts on building and cultivation, water supply or electricity supply or that on the respective garden project or one on networking with other communities and large-scale projects, also child and elderly care intertwined with each other …

Thematically, my community will deal with healing and health, among other things, starting from many starting points.

A perspective approach is frequency therapy and electro-magnetism, however not only from the respective horizon of these disciplines, but more to the underlying universal principle, even to something beyond all interdisciplinary 21st century science.

Jürgen Woldt, for example, also sees everything less in the discipline / subject area / field of view itself, but rather as impact aspects of the greater whole.

That is how I see it too. Therefore, every healing method, application method in itself is first of all a piecework, a way of approaching a comprehensive conception, a highly conscious one.

Thinking is turned upside down or fixed, so that habit prevents thinking the other way round or beyond the paths of thought. Distance in contemplation is helpful, feeling for oneself too. And of course: universal education.

Conscious observation on as many levels as possible and, if possible, not even more levels would be the uncompromising thing to do.

However, as long as piecemeal solutions, shortcuts as compromises – i.e. aids such as forms of therapy, devices, medicines or supplements – remain helpfull and meaningful, they are a part of life.

As soon as one looks behind the active principles of the various forms of healing and enters what could possibly be described as a field, for example in Hinduism described in certain terms as Adavaita, Akasha, Kala, etc., the relevance of the discipline/form of therapy dissolves. However, it can still be used, especially for others.

Welcoming quick partial solutions in pressure – and acute situations:

Tools, frequencies to be used first, so that one can devote oneself to the original cause in peace.

Painkillers, for example, can also be taken with the consciousness of allowing oneself a quick relief in the body’s sensation in order to be able to dedicate oneself to recovery again.

Everything is for its time and it can be started, on which level ever people can be assisted.

Of course, a lot can happen on higher levels at the same time, without the people concerned attributing it to that.

It is the same with health.

That’s why „he who heals is right“ is of course true on one level.

In this respect, the therapy forms in their limits are not the sole reason, it is the also the relationship to the collective behind it, the relationship to the healer, etc., that is the reason.

In this way, someone can find healing in whatever and does not have to comprehend all the higher help that has flowed in.


I want to address specifically how feelings and emotions are differentiated in many views.

This is one of the key issues in dealing with a community, with oneself and with society.

The author Vivian Dittmar describes emotions like this:

„Feelings are created through interpretations“, „With emotions it is the other way round…“ she says in this regard to, the situation of wanting to approach ones „emotional backpack“ mentally. She points out that the labelling/interpretation does not generate the conscious feeling in which the healing takes place.

So she means instead of practising a mental approaching, better to practice this ‚Face it! so it stops haunting you‘ thing.

So with the trick of unlabelled perception.

Diving in at easier moments so, that you have practised it from the easier ones before diving in at harder ones …

Vivian Dittmar works on the basis of five basic feelings: Anger, joy, shame, sadness and fear.

And she uses them all neutrally, she understands them all as a bridge between longing and what is, all as a bridge over the gap.

So feelings, for this author, are what is made of emotions by interpretations.

The author and psychotherapist Stefanie Stahl has similar ideas. More on this later.

Then I also write into the thread of Spiritual Background Topics, what is taught in Hinduism, ancient traditions approach it more in cosmic dimensions.


I see this Lebensgarten Steyerberg between Hanover and Bremen, Germany with its 170 residents more as an eco-village – it came into being in the burgeoning eco-era, then also in the Nonviolent Communication boom, the method of conscious communication according to Marshall Bertram Rosenberg, who was born in 1934.

This was the method of its time in Germany in the 90s and others followed.

In a society where people have been moulded to only react instead of observing what is going on inside and to understand anger, to really practise empathy, to clarify needs and heartfelt wishes for oneself and to seek out, understand and feel those of the other, this used to be something that could met up the people on the brink of being ready for this. – Exactly at the threshold, however, it still contains the word „violence“ in the title, so you can see that first of all an awareness could be raised again from there to there.

Without question, it was also developed further. That has certainly had a great effect and people have made progress through it and other methods.

What I wish for the societies of our future, which will be made of networked communities, is to finally actively replace the trist state, to basically be able to bounce back, to be more than resilient.
The degree of self-sufficiency is one form of actively replace the trist state, and there is much more.

For example, there are very practical tips to learn from the „Lebensgarten Steyermark“ for ecological construction. – I first heard about Swedish Red/ Schwedenrot as an ecological paint for rough wood. It can be used in red and ochre, it consists of a combination of carrier with protective properties: wheat and: colour with protective properties: iron oxide. There is also the German term: Rötel, a mixture of clay and the iron oxide haematite (Fe2O3). 

Haematite is considered to be a gemstone that gives courage, so from an energetic point of view one paints one’s wooden houses with encourager.

I find such principles everywhere, further reasons why our ancestors used certain compositions for subsequent effects composed on several levels. I often find that today, due to a lack of sacred knowledge, the information components are no longer seen and therefore ingredient components have been exchanged over time.

– An example from plant breeding: Cultivated sweet corn: it has the ability to use phytohormones, messenger substances, to get help from worms that devour its root-eating insects. In this way, the sweet corn plant can indirectly protect itself.

Humans did not know this, so breeding in favour of high yields etc. has almost completely bred this wonderful ability out of maize plants.

In the meantime it has become known and so the maize plants that can still do it can still be cultivated. –

Accordingly, my objective in creating the theme of the Community Vision is to make people aware again of the background information, which is present in ancient technology on several levels. Technology, as it is understood today, was not a rather material discipline, the fine-material levels were always taken into account, there was – so I assume – not the conceptual separation that societies make today: Technical versus energetic, spiritual-mental – no word is fitting in itself. Rather, from a higher point of view, everything was seen as interwoven in its place.

Few people today have the sense for this. But it is precisely such people that my community foundation wants to unite.


We will find time to look into the legal form the Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal shall best be in.

I heard in Portugal a cooperativa (GmbH(GmbHh) is good, however, I find EWIV as recomended form as well, so is an association, but those topics come later and have to be adapted in time anyway, as the old system with old legal forms is crumbling..

Investing in sustainable industries, re-innovation, is also a point of my community:

Methanol fuel cell cars in the medium term,

construction with 3D concrete (concrete as material will run out due to lack of sufficient sand)/other natural products and steel printing,

antigravity technology for energy and travel,

in the long term, nature-related frequency technology in all kinds of sectors, including medicine in particular.


I like the Danish community as a smart example of declaration of sovereignity: