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(Acetaminophen as an ingredient in over 600 different medicines, is also Paracetamol. A study found how people who took it also made more mistakes when trying to process information. According to Wikipedia, Paracetamol is derived from the chemical name „para-(acetylamino)phenol“. Even there it says „New studies suggest that paracetamol has an influence on compassion and empathy. It appears to reduce the capacity for empathy for pain sensation.“ Titled with an article source after all: „From painkiller to empathy killer“ to a study). – I was amazed when I read this article, that does not follow the mainstream narratives.

Shockingly, men are said to react more vulnerable and women less vulnerable under the influence and both genders are said to have less empathy for others.


One example of effects on humans by evoking fear in them generally in life:

(Escape from Camp 14 is a book and film about the life experience of Shin Dong-Hyuk, who escaped from a North Korean gulag in 2005 and he was only able to learn to be a human being in the aftermath, as he called it in an interview. He had grown up in fear for 23 years, so much so that family love could not develop, but survival always meant betrayal of one’s neighbour, the handing over of one’s own mother for execution could not be emotionally processed at all).

June 2022: I think it is disastrous how many people have „suddenly died“ and suddenly become ill after they had trusted in supposedly been vaccinated against the new disease: for instance, in Canada there are already – as of June 2022 – four people who are legally considered victims of the so-called vaccine and in Germany there are already some, I recently spoke with a father whose son was afflicted, the son had directly got phlebitis, red spots on his legs, such are unfortunately already infamous consequences. – The sudden changes from health to illness were so well documented that the government had to pay them a pension for the rest of their lives.

The openness of the Portuguese to be vaccinated with gene therapy:

– I am very worried about the health of the entire population in the coming years. This eagerness to vaccinate in the country comes from the fact that there were many deaths here in the last generation after a failure to provide a simple and proper real vaccination. – Then a vaccination programme was run and people survived. – Let’s leave it aside whether there were further background reasons that led to so many deaths and then to ostensibly saving vaccination programmes. – This is more or less where the deep trust of the Portuguese in today’s supposed vaccination comes from.

This can be fatal if it turns out to have been more harmful than beneficial to the health of the population afterwards. In June 2022 more people than before had died in Portugal.

– I am still occasionally shocked by rants against critical people who are free of the so-called vaccine. Some rants are simply parroted still-mainstream assertions from which it will be possible to move on as more and more of the harm of supposed vaccination comes to light. Lamentably, this is to be expected.

Thus, more people will free themselves from the grip of hypocritical propaganda. Such as those who carried a placard at a demonstration in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany at the end of June 2022 that declared: „I am vaccinated and feel betrayed.“ I have the feeling that some, having come to the wrong conclusions out of a good motivation, now realise that after vaccination is before vaccination and there may be something not right. While for some, a characteristic of knowing how to live was initially that one submits to this gene therapy, it is already becoming apparent in many cases that it is reversed: a characteristic of knowing how to live is seen in the fact that one protects oneself from such an intervention in bodily integrity.