Community North Portugal
Adela Aldeia
The Vision of the Community: Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal – short text

The Vision of the Community: Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal – short text

The Vision of the Community: Adela Aldeia – Community North Portugal – short text

Looking for people as co-founders who feel a real inner call to community, even independently of the changing global crisis since the end of 2019. I am looking for co-founders who participate in the idea within the field of consciousness that means free, conscious societies of the future.

My vision is an international country life in the midst of interconnected communities.


First a handful of co-founding members, then in the long run 25-30 people, chosen neighbours. Then a few animals, a small village reviving an abandoned village compound in the rural area.

From now on we can gather, interested co-founders, here at my place, then a venue can be found as a homestead and glocal base, from where we are going to establish a network of earthwide communities – Sovereign Humans Of The New Earth.

Communities will be amongst the fundamental nuclei of the new societies we are creating in the course of the global geopolitical revolution.

The foundation is being rediscovered from a recovered past, unlike so-called history, and from a new contemporary spirit.

Cooperatives, communities, associations, for example, that can exchange with each other globally, that can enter into an association, not even necessarily organisationally, but first simply by participating in the same process of expanding the fields, expanding the scope of existence of these new loving society ideas.

This is not just about us, it is about something bigger, we may now prepare the replacement of old societies by forming new societies in parallel from the seed, having learned from the evils of humanity, setting out for free development with a focus on the common good.

Addressing humans:

whose idea of their chosen home is a middle ground between over-civilised areas and a lack of (infra-)structure having and absolutely chaotic zones.

It addresses those who seek seclusion, distance from big cities and junctions, distance from 5G masts and wind turbines, as well as the proximity of village infrastructure with agriculture and (agri-)forest.

This is intended for people who want to sustain their healthy diet with this permaculture-agriculture and forest also in the direction of food forest in the long term as self-sufficiency, in the medium term with local producers and starting gardening; if eggs, then from happy chickens.

People with an un-fanatical spirituality are addressed, people who have a prayer life, who can make transfers between modes of action of religious disciplines, who can look at all levels. Being able to describe does not have to be for everyone.

Also simply good-hearted people who are energetic and not spiritually on the move are welcome to be at home in the community.

It also matters to me how adapted one’s thinking and acting is to „the world“ instead of „the earth“, and it also matters to me how professionally idiotic, narrow-minded and obdurate someone is.

I prefer either those with broad horizons, universally knowledgeable and full of empathy, or those with intuitive high knowledge, who have access from inspiration/higher connection and the goodness of heart.

Communities are formed by no longer needing nor wanting to wait for the masses, communities are formed by starting in small ways to manifest our future societies as pioneers/re-discoverers.

Addressed are people who can live in a non-smoking, vegetarian, spiritual village community.

In any self-introduction, please feel free to write a reference to this.


„Personal time“ is a commodity.

My community founding members will definitely have personal time.

I’ve lived long enough without personal time, completely, you can’t even maintain friendships, there’s only eating together, working together, etc.

So the personal time and the schedules have to be coordinated, as always in life.

If the community runs well, everyone has far more free time than in a 40-hour working week. One can let work for gain and community work together settle far below this time requirement. For the task-sharing with each other makes things so much easier for former solitary workers.

For it is definite that the community is a multigenerational village.

For certain is that there will be a broad mix of various experts and universal minds.

And there will of course be gardeners/wilderness guides or equivalent, architect/statistician/building biologist, certain craftsmen and teachers as well as those experienced in medicine/healing, there will be new/forgotten professions in the future that already exist or re-emerge in communities.

Processes are fully aligned with a nature-inclusion technique, a way beyond a technocratic one.


Yes, bodily integrity, our health and the protection of health is for me one of the main reasons for the necessity of community foundation. –

We can position ourselves more strongly together, while each one of us is able to evade what is not trustworthy to us.


Anyway, the community is orienting for the grassroots branch of the community glocally networked with other communities in the rural region between Coimbra and Braga. There is plenty of water and more.