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Spiritual Background topics

Spiritual Background topics

Here is an exemplary discussion of the idea of the field and the expansion of the field: Humanity in its inter-supporting field, more than in a line of generations, more than in a line, because there are also cross-connections, because time does not run linearly, this wingwomen, this under-feeding, this reaching under the arms and lifting us up, this becomes clear when one chants ancient traditional mantras such as the Moola Mantra (Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma

Purushothama Paramatma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha)

or even when chanting comparatively recent works in the spirit of all singers, and finally there is the meaning content, which brings about a powerful alignment and makes the will recognise itself as strong, makes the will strengthen. – In these lines from the opera Nessun Dorma, for example, „at dawn I shall win, win, win!“, there is a participation in the morphogenetic field of all singers and listeners and dancers… can be experienced through this compilation:

Avidya – is one of the three poisons according to Buddhism.

Knowing something that is wrong as if it were right.

Thinking something wrong as if it were right.

To cultivate bodhicitta, loving-kindness, loving aspiration, Mahayana term, one should practice bodhicitta. Determination to achieve the goal of enlightenment not for self-interest but for the benefit of all beings.

Due to the lack of holistic vision, due to the lack of genuine practice of love and forgiveness, this is underdeveloped.

The states of negativity become so negative partly because so much attention is paid to them.

That is why it is good to bring attention to our ideas;

we may focus primarily on what we see realised and then in fact realise what we actually want.

And we may only secondarily see the collapse of the world, we may even see it at best as a motivation to let go of the old.

If there is nothing new, the old cannot yet be let go.

We can say goodbye to the idea that the soon-not – anymore -mainstream will serve us the True on a tray.


Focus, that everyone has the chance to choose, unfortunately that has never happened, only theoretically, but time and courage are needed to look for it.————————————————————————————————

If we want a conscious community,

it might be necessary to attune oneself confidently, trusting that conscious individuals will find each other at the right time to found a community.

The new has begun in the collective – sometimes also inferring/resisting – interacting field of consciousness, when we really embody what we believe, think, can feel and: – insofar as we also want to use throat chakra power – speak, formulate.

So why community?

Carried and supported – by and in – the cooperative/contradictory co-creating field of consciousness, we shape the evolution of humanity out of the world on earth.

Now, according to my position, there is the possibility of dwelling within environments that are propitious for one’s own contribution to the collective awakening, such as a community, commune, hermitage, power-emerging places/high ether density in forests, waterrich areas, presence of relatively awakened humans and animals, relative unexposure to certain radiations, and much more.

As community co-founders and future members are looking for this, we create such an optimal environment through the best possible compromises.

Based on this principle of effectiveness, it was also possible for enclaves of monasteries, separated as far as possible from the world’s activity, to create conditions conducive to each other in order to enable individuals and groups to wake up profoundly and quickly.

Bathing in each other’s thought soup results in a group field that favours certain things and hinders others.

A community of Mongol warriors of Genghis Khan’s clan who cherish a certain notion is constituted differently from a community of Samurei warriors at a time in history when everything is always changing anyway.

While the world tries to impose its narratives on people, it is all the more practical to pull oneself out by placing oneself protectively at the disposal of, and likewise under the protection of a community.


Let me elaborate on Avidya in Sanskrit, coming from avijja in Pali, refers to the first of the Twelve Links of dependent emergence, which are seen as what keeps us bound to samsara. Avidya and Moha are both not only „ignorance“ and while Avidya, as I understand it, means primarily ignorance or obscured consciousness, as I grasp it, Moha means more „delusion“ or „blindness“. In this way both terms are related.

Since we are all not free from it, let us be as aware of it as possible. Especially when we are in a relative homogene group, we might share the same delusions. This is one of the disadvantages of community.


Plans and goals mature from the inside out until they can be realised in practice, depending on how strongly one puts the will – Sankalpa – into it and how one faces mental barriers.


There will soon be seven consecutive essays and videos by me on the seven statements of Hawaiian HUNA, compared to other religious systems, as this community foundation has the spiritual alignment designation, but can also use some specification.

Serge Kahile King: „… Hawaiian culture and the philosophy called HUNA based on seven ideas about life:

1. That the world is what you think it is.

2. There are no limits.

3. Energy flows, where attention goes.

4. Now is the moment of power.

5. To love is to be happy with.

6. All power comes from within.

7. Effectivness is the measure of truth…“


Garbagriha in Sanskrit language and Kauvarai in Tamil is meaning womb, I learned from Praveen Mohan.


The framing of history and the 18th century elite´s colonial endevours and industrialisation clubs entering the 19th century like Lunar society in Birmingham, Cambridge, England and later Fabian society and kinda also Vrill in Germany and others like Linnean Society, Royal Society, mighty made families were too successful laying the base of today´s control in more or less all life areas. – Fortunately the current years the collective finds more and more new understanding despite that grip, so that the unknowing seases and the cherrishing of humanity´s fairer ways of society structures; for me: like in the vedic culture before the caste system (this caste system topic, social stratification creating, in itself is not like to be seen as method of controll only, it is on a spiritual scale also about rebirth in the helpful setting, think about the Dalai – and Panchen Lamas´rebirth lines for example. )

A way of social stratification coming from inherent integrity and excellence was also practised by the Fryas, part of the ancestors of German, Netherlands, some parts of Switzerland areas….

I am positive we will have freed us from the elite´s grip and come back to more cooperation amongst decentral structures… another logic, another perspective than we are brought up with….

I wrote that thought also about this books´s topic:

I mean a turn to the spiritual, an overcoming of and solution for the “ demystification of the world“, as Max Weber observed in his time of the already mechanised and industrialised world view.

Although the material view was transformed from coarse to subtle, it was not allowed to make the leap to recognising the power of the most subtle level.

Basically, the whole endeavour lies in training people away from the awareness of these spiritual-soul forces.

These framing endeavours of materialisation, mechanisation, automation in conjunction with demystification and disassociation und estrangement must come to an end point and are only maintained artificially with a lot of effort anyway.

Namely, why is it that the awareness of our spiritual-soul power can only emerge again and again?

– Especially because of the infinite and with a grade of conscoiusness visible Akashic records.

More about that soon.

For now I want to add: automation in conjunction with conscious and peaceful use of the most subtle levels will be the form of the future.

So technology in tune with the principels of life and of the conscious universe.