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Commentaries on current events

Commentaries on current events


In the middle of the next month we are going to visit the community project with probably four residents, currently aiming to live as self-sufficiently and economically as possible, looking for creative people with heart and empathy, with a vegetarian organic farm cultivated in community work on currently one hectare of land – with 6000m2 available for purchase – own water sources, with about 50 fruit-bearing trees, of which about 30 are fruit trees 🌳🌳🌳
Located near Miranda do Corvo on the edge of the village as well as the forest and stream on a south-western slope.
The idea is to hold seminars there to earn money: bodywork such as Shiatsu, meditation courses, artistic courses and other ideas in the direction of handicrafts and technology.

Since the beginning, solar heat has been used for a drying cabinet and to heat a small bathroom.
An earth dome is planned … I have already asked about this and will report further.

Interested visitors are advised to bring either caravans or mobile homes to live in or tents in summer.

Very excited to see Andreas, Markus, another man and most likely a woman there.

The link to their Facebook presence is:


Dutch government wants to compulsorily dispossess 30% of the farmers with the stated aim of saving nitrogen fertiliser:

Currently, June/July 2022, it was planned for years, in the Netherlands: that the Dutch government wants to compulsorily dispossess 30% of the farmers with the stated aim of saving nitrogen fertiliser.

So the Dutch farmers are fighting for their existence as well as for the basic foodstuffs, which really have to be secured, they are resisting, it can meanwhile be regarded as a status of civil war.

As far as I know, the mainstream media in Germany is still silent about this, as it was before when there were protests in Canada: let’s think of the truckers‘ convoy and the solidarity among Canadians, who have historically been more freedom-loving anyway. The Amish there, for example, also supported the truckers by standing on the highways with expressions of solidarity on placards.

As Northern Europe becomes more instabilised, I expect to see fellow community builders in Portugal.


Getting to know each other in person near Viseu:

We are quite a down-to-earth, sophisticated but non-mundane group. I am very pleased to meet you.

We are planning to meet in person near Viseu this year, which is in the northern inland.
You can arrive on your own, for example with a camper, camping ground is nearby with coordination.